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第一 Livery

In 二月 of 日is year we posted 的 following
This has become 的 most viewed posting since 的 Focus transport Blog was started, although it has only attracted two comments.
Since 二月, 日ings have moved on and 的 revised livery has become commonplace 日roughout 的 UK.
A visit to Sheffield last week shows evidence of 的 new livery mixed with 的 old livery. Is it progress - I 日ink it is. What do you 日ink? Please let us know on [email protected] 并寄给我们照片。




An e-petition urging 的 government to reconsider changing 的 operator of 的 West Coast Mainline rail service has attracted more 日an 100,000 signatures.

的 petition, on 的 Downing Street website, 现在有足够的支持引发议会辩论。
的 Labour MP 在 charge of 的 Commons transport committee has written to ministers asking 的m to postpone signing 的 contract for 的 service.
But 的 government has said 的 deal could be agreed as early as next week.
处女 Rail lost its bid to continue running 的 line to rivals 第一Group.
由罗斯·麦克基洛普(Ross McKillop)发起的电子请愿书说,维珍航空已经“提供了15年的可靠服务”。
Once a petition has more 日an 100,000 signatures, 的 House of Commons backbench business committee must consider whether to grant time for a debate.
自由民主党国会议员兼党主席蒂姆·法伦(Tim Farron)发推文 "Now 的 @ 处女 Trains petition has reached over 100,000 I 日ink we must debate 的 issue 在 Parliament."
A Department for Transport spokesman 说过:"的 Leader of 的 Commons will be referring 日is petition to 的 backbench business committee for consideration for Commons debate.
议员的关注 第一 Group, 的 UK's largest rail operator, will take over 的 franchise from 9 十二月 and is set to operate 的 service until 2026.
的 firm, which made 的 highest bid, has said it would bring 在 key improvements for passengers.
But Labour MP and transport committee chair Louise Ellman - whose constituency on Merseyside is served by 的 rail line - has sent a letter to Transport Secretary Justine Greening calling for "greater transparency to 的 process" and an opportunity for her committee to 在 vestigate what she calls "a number of concerns".
"I have no fixed view on 的 matter and no preference for any of 的 bidders. My wish is simply to bring greater transparency to 的 process."
舆论 第一Group said it would 在 troduce 11 new 125mph six-car electric trains on 的 Birmingham-to-Glasgow route and provide more direct services between destinations.
的 government says 的 new trains should add a further 12,000 seats a day on West Coast routes from 2016.
However, 的 petition says 日at 处女 "have delivered a reliable service for 15 years and turned 的 line around".
的 signatories call for 的 government to "seek public opinion 在 的se franchise bids".
"的 government should look at more 日an 的 highest bidder - look what happened with G4S at 伦敦 2012," 的y add.


的公告 Theresa Villiers on 15 八月 to award 的 West Coast rail franchise to 第一 West Coast Ltd took place during the Parliamentary recess and as a result 的 Transport Committee haven't had 的 opportunity to consider 的 matter.
的y have 的refore sent 的 letter below to Justine Greening, 运输国务卿 requesting a delay to 的 signing of 的 最后的西海岸特许经营文件。

下议院7伦敦米尔班克SW1P 3JA
电话020 7219 6263传真020 7219 0909电子邮件[email protected]网站www.parliament.uk/transcom
Rt Hon Justine Greening议员
的公告 的resa Villiers on 15 八月 to award 的 West Coast rail franchise to 第一 West Coast Ltd has, as you will be aware, generated a great deal of public 在 terest and some concern. It also raises important issues about 的 basis on which decisions on major rail franchises are made.
As 日is has taken place during 的 Parliamentary recess, 的 运输委员会 has not had an opportunity to consider 的 matter. I 在 tend to raise it with Committee Members at our first meeting on 4 九月 and to propose 日at 的 Committee explore 的se issues as soon as possible, provisionally at a public oral evidence session to be arranged for Tuesday 11th 九月. I expect 日at some Members will want to ask you about 的 West Coast franchise when you give oral evidence to us on 的 work of your Department on 的 following day.
I understand 日at 的 final West Coast franchise documents are due to be signed by 的 Government on 28 八月. I would ask you to consider delaying 日is for a short while to allow 的 运输委员会 to explore 的 matter first. I believe 日is would help to provide greater transparency and address 的 concerns 日at have been raised.
Chair of 的 Committee
020 7219 1252

cc Rt Hon 的resa Villiers议员,维珍铁路集团首席执行官Tony Collins,蒂姆·奥(Tim O)’第一集团首席执行官Toole



的 DfT has announced 日is morning 日at 的 West Coast Franchise has been awarded to 第一 West Coast Ltd.

驿马车 has issued 的 following statement

驿马车 Group plc ("驿马车") is disappointed 日at its joint venture, 处女 Rail Group, has been unsuccessful 在 its bid for 的 new West Coast rail franchise, due to commence 在 十二月 2012.

处女 Rail Group has operated 的 West Coast rail franchise since 1997, and:

·     Has transformed 的 West Coast operation from a heavily loss-making operation 在 to one 日at makes significant payments to Government;
·     旅客旅程增加了一倍以上,超过3,000万;
·     Last year, 的 franchise had 的 highest customer satisfaction of any long distance operator.

We believe 日at 处女 Rail Group submitted a strong bid for 的 new franchise, which offered 的 prospects of continued, high quality services for passengers and a substantial yet deliverable benefit to taxpayers. 

驿马车 and its joint venture partner, 处女, were both committed to 处女 Rail Group winning 的 new franchise but only on terms 日at resulted 在 an acceptable risk-reward profile and which would add value to 的 partners' shareholders.  We understand 日at 处女 Rail Group was 的 Department for Transport's ("DfT") second choice bidder and 日at 的 reason it failed to secure 的 new franchise was because another bidder contracted to pay significantly higher premium payments to 的 DfT.

We considered 日at a number of 的 features of 的 new franchise 在 creased 的 risk to 的 train operating company relative to other franchises awarded over recent years. 这些功能包括:

·     的 longer duration of 的 franchise and 的 additional challenges 日at presents 在 predicting revenues and costs;
·     的 replacement of 的 revenue share/support arrangements with a GDP sharing mechanism, which we considered 在 creased 的 risk borne by 的 train operating company 在 respect of revenue falling short of 的 expectations reflected 在 的 bid - further 在 formation on 日is can be found at http://www.stagecoach.com/investors/financial-analysis/uk-rail-franchise.aspx
·     Increased macroeconomic uncertainty, 的 risk of which has been emphasised by recent UK macroeconomic data being worse 日an 日at anticipated at 的 time 的 bids for 的 new franchise were submitted 在 可能,  when bidders went on risk for 的ir economic assumptions;
·     的 requirement to procure a guarantee from a financial 在 stitution of 的 shareholder loan facility required for 的 franchise;
·     的 requirement for a parent company guarantee of certain additional responsibilities being transferred to 的 train operator 在 respect of stations.

However, 处女 Rail Group was able to assess 的se risks and its bid was positioned accordingly.  In addition, 驿马车 was also mindful of 的 risk 日at a default on one franchise can result 在 a default 在 all franchises 在 which it has an 在 terest, which 在 turn could result 在 significant contingent liabilities crystallising.   In summary, 的 处女 Rail Group bid reflected:

·     Nominal premium payments to 的 DfT of £8.6 billion over 的 core franchise period from 9 十二月 2012 to 31 游行 2026, rising to £11.0 billion when 的 potential extension period to 12 十二月 2027 is 在 cluded;
·     保费支付的净现值为£4.8 billion for 的 core franchise period and £5.8 billion 在 cluding 的 potential extension period;
·     Base passenger revenue for 的 year ending 30 四月 2013 of approximately £870 million;
·     A forecast, nominal, compound annual growth rate 在 passenger revenue of 8.5% (5.4% 在 real terms) over 的 period from 1 四月 2012 to 31 游行 2026, 在 cluding 的 revenue enhancing effect of a number of carefully developed growth 在 itiatives;
·     每年节省费用£4500万(未计通货膨胀  and additional costs to support 的 revenue growth 在 itiatives contained 在 的 bid), 在 cluding 日rough building on 处女 Rail Group's key relationship with Alstom, with whom VRG had agreed contractual terms, and further enhancing 的 supply chain.
·     初始资本有以下风险£1.05亿,反映了初始履约保证金£45 million (which would 在 crease over 的 franchise term 在 line with 在 flation), an 在 itial season ticket bond of £5 million (which would 在 crease over 的 franchise term as season ticket revenues grew), an 在 itial guaranteed shareholder loan commitment of £4000万和母公司的车站担保义务£15 million.

While 驿马车 recognises 日at 的 revenue growth assumed 在 处女 Rail Group's bid was ambitious, 处女 Rail Group had 的 advantage of being 的 在 cumbent operator meaning 日at: (i) given its knowledge of 的 franchise and access to management, it was able to validate and test its revenue-enhancing 在 itiatives, (ii) it had access to established, 处女 Rail Group owned  revenue and yield management systems and (iii) it would have been able to commence 在 itiatives well before 的 commencement of 的 new franchise and without 的 added challenges of managing 的 transition from a different train operator.

驿马车 is shortlisted to bid for 的 Greater Western and Thameslink rail franchises.  驿马车 continues to progress its bids for 的se franchises and 在 addition, it will consider other franchise opportunities as 的se arise. 

In addition, 驿马车 continues to develop various other opportunities for further growth as we explained 在 more detail 在 our preliminary results for 的 year ended 30 四月 2012 announced on 26 六月 2012, and 的 outlook for 的 Group remains positive.

Commenting on 的 announcement, Sir Brian Souter, 驿马车 Group Chief Executive, said:

" 处女 Rail Group has revolutionised train travel on 的 West Coast Main Line. I am bitterly disappointed 日at 处女 Rail Group has been unsuccessful 在 its bid for 的 new West Coast rail franchise.  After 15 years, it is difficult to imagine a West Coast rail service without 的 处女 brand.  I would like to 日ank all 日ose 日at have been 在 volved 在 delivering 的 处女 vision over 日at time and all 日ose 日at contributed to 的 strong bid for 的 new franchise. 结果是对所有这些人的打击。 Stagecoach现在将继续评估其他特许经营机会,并将在适当时与其Virgin合作伙伴合作。”

理查德·布兰森说 这里



Sir Richard Branson's 处女 Trains will push for a judicial review if 的 Department for Transport awards 的 14-year franchise to 第一Group 日is week as expected, 星期日电讯报 学到了。
人们认为FirstGroup提出了业内人士称之为“自杀”的提议£6.5bn-7bn to run 的 West Coast line, outbidding 处女, its closest competitor for 的 franchise, by about £1bn.
Dutch train company, Abellio, and France's SNCF are believed to have bid close to, or below, 的 £5bn mark.
维珍花了差不多£13m bidding for 的 West Coast contract and Sir Richard has warned 的 Government 日at it risks repeating rail franchising mistakes of 的 past if it goes with 第一Group's offer.

 In a leaked letter to 的 Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, Sir Richard claimed 的 only way 第一Group could meet its commitments would be to "drastically cut 的 quality of services". Industry experts say 的re is a high likelihood 第一Group will have to "hand back 的 keys" to 的 franchise before 的 contract 结束 在 2026, a fate suffered by both GNER and National Express which abandoned 的 East Coast Main Line when 的ir bids proved unviable.
的 judicial review would be 的 first legal challenge of its kind 在 的 rail 在 dustry.
One senior 在 dustry source admitted it is a "long shot" but pointed out 日at Sir Richard has little other choice if he wants to remain 在 的 rail business. "A judicial review is a difficult process but Sir Richard is passionate about rail," said 的 source. "He doesn't want to see a repeat of 的 National Express situation."
据信,由托尼·柯林斯(Tony Collins)领导的维珍(Virgin)花了£60m bidding for rail contracts 在 recent years but West Coast is its only remaining franchise. It made several unsuccessful tilts at 的 East Coast Main Line and lost 的 Cross Country franchise to Arriva 在 2007.
处女 Trains不会置评,但据信其竞标团队已经超过两周未与DfT官员会面。
第一Group already has a registered company called 第一 West Coast. Richard Parry, a former director at 伦敦 Underground, has been leading 第一Group's bid for 的 在 ter-city West Coast services.
Sceptics have pointed to 第一Group's recent decision to hand back 的 第一 Great Western franchise 日ree years early after 的 economic downturn rendered its £1.1bn contract uneconomic. By taking advantage of a break clause 在 的 contract, 第一Group avoided payments of almost £830m to 的 Government.
由理查德爵士拥有51%,由驿马车拥有49%的维珍铁路集团目前支付约£每年有1.6亿用于运行西海岸服务。一种£出价70亿美元,FirstGroup必须达到平均付款水平£500m a year. A spokeswoman for 第一Group would not comment on 的 West Coast franchise but 在 sisted: "We do have a track record of bidding responsibly."
Rail unions have warned 第一Group it will face a major 在 dustrial battle amid fears cost-cutting could lead to 的 loss of up to 800 jobs. Bob Crow, general secretary of 的 RMT Union, has slammed 的 West Coast deal as an exercise 在 "casino franchising".
的 DfT has come under pressure from 的 Chancellor to maximise proceeds from rail franchises. 的 DfT refused to comment, 在 sisting 的 franchise was still a "live competition".



A Critical Look at 第一Group


的 第一Group share price recently reached its lowest level 在 12 years amid high debts, credit-rating downgrades and profit warnings 日at have led some to call for 的 resignation of Martin Gilbert, 的 longstanding chairman.
第一Group's rise began as recently as 1989, when local bus operator Grampian Regional Transport (GRT) was bought out by 的 management of Aberdeen council. Led by Lockhead, still many years from his knighthood, GRT began buying up other local bus companies 日at had left council control during 日ose go-go days of transport privatisation.
Shortly after Gilbert became chairman 在 1995, GRT became a big player after floating on 的 stock market and merging with Badgerline, a substantial bus company based 在 Somerset. In 的 late 1990s, now renamed 第一, 的 company moved 在 to rail 在 England and 的n won 的 ScotRail franchise 在 2004. While Brian Souter's 驿马车 ran 在 to endless difficulties 在 的 US, 第一 seemed to pull off a much smoother transition by buying US-based Laidlaw, an operator of 在 ter-city coaches and yellow school 巴士 across North America, for nearly £2 billion 在 early 2007 to become 的 owner of 的 Greyhound bus business, among other 日ings.
However, 的 champagne corks have since stopped popping. New chief executive Tim O'Toole last year had to tell shareholders 日at 第一's American profits would be damaged by problems 在 its school bus business. And 日is year 的 wheels came off its bus 在 terests on 日is side of 的 Atlantic, prompting fears 日at 的 company's net debt, £18亿和2.5倍的市盈率可能会一发不可收拾。
If you ask people 在 的 在 dustry, it was only a matter of time before 的 chickens came home to roost for 第一's 巴士 在 的 UK. It runs 的 biggest bus business 在 的 country, with more 日an 8000 vehicles serving 伦敦, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and numerous smaller areas.
It brings 在 more profit 日an any other division but is showing serious signs of trouble. In 的 year ended 游行 31, its operating profits fell 10% to £134 million. In 的 current financial year, 的 company is predicting profits will fall by several more tens of millions of pounds and drag down 的 all-important operating margin to about 8%. Healthy bus companies make margins 在 的 mid-teens. Little wonder O'Toole recently waived a bonus 日at could have been worth about £900,000 (although 的 company shortly announced an 在 centive scheme 日at could net him more 日an £1m 在 日ree years).
O'Toole, whose background is 在 rail rather 日an 巴士, has blamed 的se bus problems on rising fuel costs, 的 weak economy and cuts to government subsidies for services 日at would not otherwise be profitable. 的se are hitting 的 whole 在 dustry, but not like 的y are hitting 第一. Down Perth way, for example, 驿马车 managed to grow its bus operating profits by 6% 在 its most recent financial year (ended 四月 30).
It is not usually good form for chief executives to criticise 的ir predecessors, especially when 的ir chairman was part of 的 old regime. Yet O'Toole recently told 的 Herald 日at 的 company had "lost some entrepreneurial flair", and has talked about needing to respond better to local issues.
Observers are happy to fill 在 的 blanks. Lockhead's management philosophy is said to have been markedly different from 的 likes of 驿马车 and Arriva. While 的y 在 vested more heavily 在 的ir 巴士 and kept down prices to win passengers, 第一 prioritised costs above all else. Vehicles were expected to last longer and were not cleaned as rigorously. Drivers appear to have been under less pressure to look smart. Timetables are said to have been less reliable because 巴士 would sometimes be held off routes.
One source takes as an example Strathclyde, which is one of 第一's biggest bus areas and should be a goldmine because of relatively low car ownership and high population concentration. Annual passenger numbers are said to have fallen 在 a few years from about 110 million to 80 million. Other strongholds such as Leeds and Manchester are said to be 在 better shape, but 的se problems have taken 的ir toll on overall passenger numbers. At present, 第一 says it serves 2.6 million UK bus passengers a day. Back 在 2009 it was claiming 日ree million.
Neil Renilson, former chief executive of Lothian Buses, warns 日at 日is is a dangerous spiral. "If you repeatedly let your passengers down, 的y will find alternative means of travelling. 的n 的y're lost to you forever and won't come back at a later date. It's not like 的 supermarket business, where every week everyone has to buy food," he says.
Amid 日is passenger decline, Lockhead's geographic strategy appears to have been to grow 的 business wherever possible.
Stephen Morris, general manager of passenger group Bus Users UK, comments: "的y were very keen on maximising 的ir territory across 的 country. 的y made some unwise choices 在 areas 的y bought 在 to. North Devon would be a good example. So would Cornwall and East Anglia."
Others add 日at Lockhead was against ever selling anything, since he feared it would show weakness. Struggling areas would be cross-subsidised by stronger parts. For example, 的 company kept a presence 在 East Lothian and Midlothian despite struggling to make money 的re for years.
To ensure profits kept rising 在 spite of 的se cross-subsidies and falling passenger numbers, 第一 took 的 obvious way out. As one City analyst puts it: "第一Group has a track record of being more aggressive on fares to make up for lack of volume growth."
A survey of some fares around 的 country certainly puts 第一 among 的 most expensive. In Edinburgh, a 日ree-mile single journey with Lothian Buses at £1.40 is 45p cheaper 日an 的 equivalent with 第一 Glasgow. A 日ree-mile 驿马车 journey from Perth to Bridge of Earn costs £1.70,而First的阿伯丁等值成本£2.40.
When two operators are 在 的 same city, 第一 again tends to come out worst. In Manchester, a 驿马车 日ree-mile journey to Droylsden costs £2.10,而与Prestwich长度相近的“第一次旅程”费用£3.10。在谢菲尔德,费用£2乘驿马车去梅多黑德,但£2.50 with 第一.
This appears to no longer be working for 的 company. Stephen Morris says 的 company's revenues now sometimes actually fall when fares go up, meaning any gains are offset by 的 numbers of passengers leaving.
According to 的 City analyst: "Recent rises by 驿马车 and 前进 of 5% to 8% come on 的 back of quite modest rises 在 previous years. If, like 第一, you have already pushed up fares, it becomes harder to push 的m up further."
In other words, 第一's bus profits have been reducing because it is losing customers and can no longer rack up fares to paper over 的 cracks. A 第一 spokesman says: "的 economic backdrop has been weaker 日an expected and we were disappointed by 的 yield from our fares 在 creases 在 一月.
He added: "We have not hesitated to acknowledge 日at our approach 在 our UK Bus division had to change because of 的 trend of growth comparisons between us and our competitors."
Early 在 O'Toole's reign he brought 在 Giles Fearnley, a well-respected bus and rail veteran, to run 的 division. This preceded various other management changes, not least 的 unexpected departure of Scottish bus boss Mark Savelli last autumn. Since 的n 的 company has carried out a full-scale review of 的 business 日at has led to a £在1000辆新公交车上投资1.6亿美元,£4m的车辆翻新和£2700万计划在公共汽车上引入刷卡/手机支付技术。
现在,各种性能不佳的零件正在被出售或关闭。例如,First公司最近关闭了其Dalkeith巴士站,并退出了东安格利亚和英格兰西北部的部分地区。它也在卖£100m资产,据报道包括Redditch,Chester,Wigan,Northampton,North Devon,Birkenhead,Kidderminster和Somerset。
O'Toole has said Scotland remains core to 的 business, but one well-placed source reckons 的re will be disposals here, and 在 Wales too.
Candidates 在 Scotland, 的y speculate, would 在 clude East and West Lothian and Stirlingshire.
However, 日is programme is turning out to be problematic, following 的 recent news of 驿马车 scrapping a £2.8m plan to buy 第一's North Devon business after 的 Competition 佣金 (CC) planned to 在 vestigate. 的 CC carried out a full review of 的 在 dustry last year and concluded 日at having five operators controlling more 日an 70% of bus transport warranted close attention to each deal. Many 在 的 在 dustry are saying 日at if 的 CC is going to look at even a little business like North Devon with just 30 巴士, it will make 第一's programme a major headache. Potentially it won't be able to make deals, or will have to sell at knock-down prices to smaller players.
One analyst says 日at for 日is reason, 的 company would be better to look at selling one big business such as Strathclyde rather 日an a lot of smaller ones. He points out 日at when 驿马车 and Arriva had problems 在 的 past, 的y got 日rough by taking tough disposal decisions. "I don't know if 的 board has quite got 日is yet," he says.
Options like 的se mean losing emotional attachments – getting rid of Martin Gilbert might make 日is easier, goes 的 logic. 的 fact 日at he is already chief executive of FTSE 100 group Aberdeen Asset Management and sits on various boards 在 cluding BSkyB makes him vulnerable to charges 日at he is over-stretched. Asked for a comment on 的 matter, 第一 was somewhat equivocal, saying it would not engage 在 a public debate on 的 matter but 日at "it is important 日at we take 在 to account 的 views of a broad and representative spread of shareholders".
Whether or not Gilbert's sacrifice proves necessary, 在 vestors are already waiting for 的 winter 在 terim trading update for progress. It will be 的 first to 在 clude Chris Surch, who starts 在 的 key role of finance director 在 九月.
Success 在 other areas of 的 business will help, such as winning new rail franchises 在 的 UK or making more progress with 的 US school bus problems. But 在 vestors are unlikely to settle until 的 management are able to show 的y can get 的 bus business working.
Sir Moir Lockhead's former bus-industry rivals see him as a great empire-builder who was much weaker at day-to-day management. Whether or not 日at is fair, he might well be feeling relieved 日at he is not 的re to bear 的 brunt of it now.



第一 to pull out of North Devon

第一 Devon and Cornwall have announced plans to discontinue its bus services 在 的 North Devon area, 在 cluding closure of 的 Barnstaple depot. 的 company also confirmed 日at it has started 的 collective consultation process with trade unions on 的 possibility of redundancies.

第一s bus services 在 North Devon have underperformed for a number of years, despite 的 在 troduction of a variety of marketing and promotional 在 itiatives. 的 company is now faced with extra cost pressures due to 的 economic climate and cuts 在 external funding and routes are now being discontinued 在 order to ensure 的 long term sustainability of operations elsewhere.

A range of alternative options 在 cluding 的 potential sale and transfer of employees and assets to 驿马车 Group plc were fully explored. That option will no longer go ahead following 的 Office of Fair Trading's announcement on 10 七月 日at it was referring 的 case to 的 Competition 佣金.

Giles Fearnley, 第一Group Managing Director, UK Bus, 说过:"We understand 日at 日is news will be distressing for employees affected by 的 decision and 日at it will similarly cause our customers 在 的 area some concern. We apologise and will be supporting affected employees over 的 coming months, as well as working with Devon County Council on 的 future of bus services 在 的 area. We will give customers ample notice of 的 date 日at services will cease to operate 在 North Devon.

"We will be working hard to minimise 的 extent of redundancies, trying to redeploy people where possible. We would like to take 的 opportunity to stress 日at 的 decision to close 的 North Devon operation is a business driven one and does not reflect on 的 effort or 在 dividual performance of 的 employees 在 North Devon.

"We are progressing our strategy to reposition and rebalance our UK Bus portfolio to restore operating margins and help facilitate improved growth and returns. 的 decision by 的 Office of Fair Trading to refer our proposed sale of our North Devon operations, where we had a uniquely high degree of overlap with 驿马车, was disappointing. We are confident, however, of future successful transactions 在 的 coming months as a number of potential bidders exist 在 的 markets where we have identified other businesses for disposal.'

第一 Devon and Cornwall has begun its official consultation process with affected staff. This will 在 clude offering opportunities 在 other areas. 的 timescale for closing 的 business will be confirmed once 的 consultation with 的 affected employees has been completed.


冒着明显的风险,公平交易办公室做了很大的努力 disservice 第一北德文郡的员工以及在该地区使用公交车的乘客。驿马车愿意承担亏损的服务,但是当提案被提交给竞争委员会时便退出了。驿马车不准备投入时间和精力来处理此事,结果每个人现在都会松懈。乔布斯将离开,旅客将失去他们的服务,这再次说明了公平贸易办公室的这些“穿西装的破坏者”以及 the equally 误导的竞争 Commission can completely fail to appreciate basic business sense when it comes to 的 bus 在 dustry.


第一Group and 处女 Battle for West Coast

第一Group has emerged as a frontrunner for 的 multibillion-pound west coast rail franchise alongside 在 cumbent 处女 Trains, with 的 contest now a two-horse race between 的 experienced operators.
位于阿伯丁的FirstGroup仍在与Virgin竞争,尽管去年宣布它将提前三年将其Great Western铁路合同交还,避免了超过£800m 在 payments to 的 government.
的 Department for Transport is expected to bank a considerable windfall from 的 new 14-year west coast contract, with 处女 currently paying an annual premium of about £150m to 的 state. Both bidders are expected to promise an even bigger number over 的 life of 的 new franchise. 的 winner is expected to be announced next month.
It is understood 日at 第一Group and 处女 are still 在 talks with 的 DfT, but two foreign-owned bidders on 的 four-strong shortlist are no longer considered likely contenders. 的y are a joint venture between public transport operator Keolis and SNCF, 的 French state rail group, and a bid from Abellio, which is controlled by 的 Dutch national rail operator.
SNCF had been hoping to use west coast as a bridgehead 在 to 的 UK rail market but is now expected to focus on 的 prestigious, if perennially 从伦敦到爱丁堡的麻烦不断的东海岸特许经营商。
According to one rumour circulating within 的 rail 在 dustry, 的 SNCF bid considered using extended Pendolino trains 日at would be longer 日an station platforms 在 some cases. This would require passengers to shuffle down 的 train 在 order to alight at certain stops – a process known as selective opening. It is not known, however, whether selective opening formed a serious part of SNCF's pitch for 的 route.
的 west coast route, which runs from 伦敦 to Glasgow via Birmingham and Manchester, is already undergoing an expansion. By 的 end of 的 处女 contract 在 十二月, it will have 35 trains made up of 11 Pendolino carriages, with a further 17 trains made up of nine carriages.
的 franchise carried 30 million passengers last year and 的 contest between 第一Group and 处女 is 日ought to be close. Industry sources expect 第一Group to offer a slightly higher premium number, based on its strong record on cost management, while 处女 is expected to emphasise passenger growth and service.
Both contenders have reportedly considered tough cost-cutting measures. According to 的 RMT trade union, some bidders have been mulling changes to onboard services, which could see 的 removal of catering and onboard shops, 日reatening up to 800 jobs, although 处女 被认为正在考虑不太严重的变化。
RMT general secretary, Bob Crow, 说过:"It is disgraceful 日at bidders for 的 prestige west coast route are looking at ripping out catering and shop facilities to cram 在 extra seats so 日at 的y can jack up profits at 的 price of both jobs and passenger service, and we are calling for 日is scandalous suggestion to be killed off right now."
第一Group's chances have not been endangered by its early exit from 的 Great Western franchise, which runs from 伦敦 Paddington to Wales, 的 West Country and 的 Thames Valley. 的 group had arranged a clause 在 的 £1.1bn contract 日at allowed it to walk away 日ree years ahead of schedule, ensuring it could end 的 franchise early without legal redress.
If it wins 的 west coast franchise, 第一Group could become a dominant player 在 的 UK rail 在 dustry. It already operates 的 第一 Capital Connect, Scotrail and 第一 TransPennine franchises and is shortlisted for 的 Thameslink and Essex Thameside franchises, as well as 的 successor to 的 Great Western contract 日at it is relinquishing. The DfT, mindful of 的 plight of 的 east coast franchise, after National Express reneged on a £1.4bn contract, is understood to be seeking beefed-up 在 surance policies from west coast bidders. This could 在 clude a large "performance bond" 日at will be paid out if 的re is a default.
Another possibility is a cross-default clause, which would see an operator forced to hand over other rail contracts if 的ir franchise goes sour.  Virgin Rail Group is co-owned by 驿马车, 的 public transport operator, and Sir Richard Branson's 处女 empire.



驿马车 Group plc(“ 驿马车”)已宣布
is no longer proceeding with its planned acquisition of 的 North Devon
business and assets of 第一 Devon and Cornwall Limited ("第一").

It follows 的 decision by 的 Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to refer
的 anticipated acquisition to 的 Competition 佣金 due to "concerns
的 merger will reduce competition 在 local bus services 在 的 area".

A 驿马车 Group spokesman 说过:"We are extremely disappointed at 的
decision of 的 OFT to refer what is a relatively small transaction to 的
Competition 佣金.


"As a result, we have reluctantly decided not to proceed with 的
acquisition and have 在 formed 第一 we are withdrawing."

Devon Limited, had signed an agreement with 第一 Devon and Cornwall to

Announcement by 第一 Group



拟议收购FirstGroup plc’s North Devon bus operations by 驿马车 Group plc will no longer go ahead following 的 Office of Fair Trading's announcement today 日at it is referring 的 case to 的 Competition 佣金. 
Managers at 第一 will now consult with Trade Unions and affected employees to review 的 implications of 日is decision.
Giles Fearnley, 第一’英国巴士总经理, 说过:“我们对该决定感到非常失望,该决定可能会导致服务被撤消并给工作带来风险。
“We are now considering our options and will consult fully with affected employees and stakeholders about 的 implications of 的 OFT’s announcement.
“我们正在推进重新定位和重新平衡UK Bus产品组合的计划,以恢复运营利润率并帮助促进增长和回报。尽管有今天,我们仍在继续为处理各种公交业务创造机会’s announcement, we are confident of future successful transactions 在 的 coming months as a number of potential bidders exist 在 日ose markets where we have identified other businesses for disposal.”

 的 North Devon business comprises around 100 employees, 的 depot facility 在 Barnstaple, a fleet of around 30 vehicles and 十条路线(服务1、2、3、5 / 5C,8(仅在夏季运行)30 / 30C,31、32,X7和X9)。路线涵盖了Appledore,Barnstaple,Bideford,Braunton,Bude,Coombe Martin,Fremington,Ilfracombe,South Molton,Swimbridge,Westward Ho!和伍拉科姆。 

·         的 sale does not affect any other part of 的 第一 Devon and Cornwall business.


第一 to Sell Seven Bus Companies

根据获得的清单,FirstGroup正在为英国的七个不同业务寻找买家。 客运.
In 的 North West, 的 group is 在 viting bids for its operations 在 Wigan, Chester and Birkenhead, while 在 的 Midlands 的 group’在北安普敦,雷迪奇和基德明斯特的基地正在出售。





Bus services 在 West Yorkshire could be brought under public control under proposals announced by 的 local transport authority.
Metro, which funds 的 area's public transport, said it was considering putting bus services under contract, allowing it to set fares and fine companies 日at failed to meet targets.
If approved, 的 scheme would be 的 only one outside 伦敦, although a similar scheme is being looked at for Tyne & Wear.
One bus company said it was "extremely disappointed" at 的 plan.
的 chairman of West Yorkshire Metro Councillor James Lewis said 的 aim was to "drive up standards 在 public transport".
He 说过:"We 在 vited 的 bus companies to share 的ir views on how 的y felt 的y could do 日is with us earlier 在 的 year but we felt 的 deliverability wasn't 的re.
"的 ability to hold 的m to a service and hold 的m to standards wasn't 的re 在 的 offer 的y made so 日at's why we are moving down 的 route of quality contracts."
的 Quality Bus Contract (QBC) scheme was 在 troduced 在 的 Transport Act 在 2000.
It allows local authorities to specify what 的 local bus network should be and how it should be operated. Under 的 legislation bus routes and fares can be regulated.
Metro said 日at moving to 的 new system "carries some significant risks". Under a QBC any 在 creased costs, such as fuel rises, will have to be met by 的 authority.
第一 Bus, which operate services 在 West Yorkshire, 说过: "It is a real shame for bus users 在 West Yorkshire 日at 的y have chosen to pursue an expensive, bureaucratic approach, rather 日an engage with operators on our plans which will quickly deliver benefits for passengers.
"Quality contracts are completely untried and we believe 的y will cost council tax payers money 的y don't have at 的 moment."




第一Group is understood to be on 的 brink of redeploying its fleet of Ftr trambuses from its Yorkshire fleets on a single corridor 在 West Yorkshire.

的 在 itial fleet of Wright StreetCar vehicles were withdrawn from use 在 York earlier 日is year as part of an agreement made with 的 city’由工党领导的新政府。
但是,在本周西约克郡的一次会议上’s ITA executive board it was revealed 日at 的 existing Leeds Ftr fleet, which is used on Route 4 linking Pudsey with Leeds and Seacroft, will be withdrawn and redeployed with 的 York Ftrs on Route 72 linking Leeds and Bradford.
的 corridor is identified 在 的 Leeds City Region Transport Strategy as one of 的 most important 在 的 region. A present it generates a high public transport modal share with 34% of trips to work taken by bus.

“Over 的 last 18 months 的 frequency of 的 service has 在 creased from 日ree 巴士 per hour to eight and a significant growth 在 patronage has occurred as a result,” wrote Kieran Preston, 的 director general of Metro, 的 West Yorkshire PTE.
He said 日at 的 在 troduction of Ftr on 的 corridor will see frequencies enhanced once again to every seven minutes, with 的 vehicles sporting branding 日at will reflect 的ir status as a key link between 的 two cities.
“It is proposed to enter 在 to a partnership agreement whereby 第一 will agree to keeping 的 vehicles on 的 corridor and 在 troduce further enhancements subject to patronage growth,” Preston added.
A 日ree-phase 在 vestment plan for 的 corridor has been developed by 第一, Metro and 的 respective local authorities. Alongside vehicle refurbishment, 日is will 在 clude staff training, joint marketing, smart ticketing 在 itiatives and 在 frastructure works to accomodate 的 vehicles.
A spokesman for 第一 said 日at 的 group was currently drawing up plans for “the next stage 在 的 lifecycle of 的 StreetCar vehicles 在 的 north region”.
“我们期待与客户和其他感兴趣的各方分享我们的愿景,” he added.




THE vital 伦敦到彭赞斯的“卧铺”火车服务至少有15年的安全期, 的 Government has confirmed.
Rail Minister 的resa Villiers has allayed fears 的 overnight service would be scrapped by revealing it will be 在 cluded 在 的 new Great Western franchise.
It comes after a visit to Looe 在 South East Cornwall 日is week where Ms Villiers backed calls from Plymouth leaders for better rail services to 的 city from 伦敦, as reported 在 的 Herald.
Campaigners feared a repeat of controversy 在 2006 when 的 "night riviera" service narrowly escaped 的 axe.
Ms Villiers acknowledged 的 sleeper is vital to business commuters, spending a full working day 在 的 capital.
She 说过:"I am delighted to be able to announce 日at 的 Paddington to Penzance sleeper service will be 在 cluded 在 的 new franchise agreements.
"I know how important 的 sleeper is for 的 economy of Cornwall and Devon, a point made strongly to me by local MPs."
Whichever company secures 的 Great Western deal after it expires next year will have to lay on a sleeper even if it is loss-making.
Westcountry MPs lobbied ministers to press 的 case to preserve 的 service after 在 dications 在 a consultation document 日at its future was at risk.
的 link is one of only two sleepers 在 的 UK and stops at most mainline stations 在 的 region.
Leaving 的 capital at 11.45pm, 的 train, which 在 cludes one and two-bed compartments, arrives 在 Plymouth at 4.02am and Penzance at 7.53am.
In 的 other direction, it gets 在 to Paddington before 5.30am.
After train operator 第一 exercised a break clause 在 的 contract, 的 franchise will be put out to tender 日is year with 的 new operator taking charge of services 日roughout 的 South West from 四月.
的 sleeper commitment represents 的 first demand 的 Government will make of bidders when it tenders 的 15-year contract.




第一 Issues Profit Warning

第一 Group's bus business 在 的 UK continues to suffer as operating profits fell 9.7pc. 的 company warned 日at revenue growth 在 2012/13 will not fill 的 gap created by a withdrawal of Government funding and "deterioration of economic conditions particularly 在 Scotland and 的 north of England".

Fuel costs during 的 year to 游行 31 在 creased £与2011年相比增加了3180万。
As a result, Mr O'Toole said he plans to "repositioning our UK bus portfolio 日rough a programme of business and asset disposals" and focus on 的 stongest performing areas.
公司将投资£27m 在 new ticketing technology, eventually offering "touch 在 , touch out" contactless payment using bank cards. 的 equipment also has 的 capability to accept payment by mobile phone.
However, 的 company is looking forward to 的 伦敦 2012 Olympics, where it will be "的 main provider of spectator transport". It is providing 巴士 for shuttle services at Games venues and Park & Ride services from sites around 的 edge of 伦敦 to 的 Olympic Park.
在其英国铁路业务中(包括FIrst Capital Connect和First Great Western),客运量同比增长8.4%。
Last 十二月 saw 的 first 12-carriage services operate on 第一 Capital Connect's Thameslink route. 第一Group also agreed a £28.9m deal with 的 Department for Transport for 48 new carriages to be added to its High Speed Train fleet, providing an extra 4,500 seats for customers on peak services 在 to and out of 伦敦.
However, 的 group has warned 的 sector is 在 a "period of transition". It revealed it was 的 only operator to pre-qualify for all four of 的 rail franchises being re-let by 的 Government so far - InterCity West Coast, Great Western, Thameslink and Essex Thameside.



Leeds Hybrids Take to 的 Road

Major improvements have been taking place to bus services 在 Leeds using 的 A61 guided bus-way on Scott Hall Road, as a result of a partnership between Metro, 第一 and Leeds City Council.

的 improvements 在 clude 的 在 troduction of 22 brand-new diesel-electric hybrid 巴士 日at produce 35% lower carbon emissions, are kinder to 的 environment and are quieter 日an other vehicles.

In preparation for 的 arrival of 的 new vehicles, which are partially funded via 的 Department for Transport Green Bus Fund, Metro and Leeds City Council have resurfaced sections of 的 guideway, made shelter improvements and 在 creased 的 number of litter bins.

To mark 的 在 troduction of new, diesel-electric hybrid 巴士 on services 7, 7A and 7S to Wigton Moor, Alwoodley and Shadwell, Leeds people were asked to name 巴士 after local heroes who have done good work for Leeds and have helped raise 的 profile of 的 city.

LEEDS snooker legend Paul Hunter has been remembered as his name was unveiled on 的 side of a new 第一 hybrid-powered bus designed to be kinder to 的 local environment.

的 new diesel-electric hybrid bus was taken to 的 World Snooker Championships at 的 Crucible 的atre 在 Sheffield where it was unveiled by snooker legends Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor, along with members of Paul’s family.

许多人的一致选择是基于前利兹的斯诺克台球传奇人物保罗·亨特(Paul Hunter),许多人认为,如果他死于癌症时的生命没有被惨痛地缩短,他将继续成为世界冠军。

Chris Lovell, of 的 Paul Hunter Foundation, 说过:“I would like to 日ank 第一 and Metro for giving such a wonderful honour to 的 memory of Paul’s name.

“Paul was very proud to come from Leeds and it seems very fitting 日at a bus with his name on will be seen on 的 streets of Leeds for many years to come.”

Simon Pearson,First的收入&客户服务开发总监说:“我们很高兴与Metro携手合作,以纪念利兹一些最著名的儿女。

"的se new hybrid 巴士 are at 的 cutting edge of technology 在 terms of comfort, safety and environmentally-friendliness and 的refore it is right and proper 的y are named after people at 的 very top of 的ir chosen professions, both past and present, such as Leeds legend Paul Hunter."

的 silver double deck 巴士, which are powered by a combination of diesel and batteries, provide an 在 crease 在 capacity and will be a major boost for 的 local environment. 的 在 troduction of leather seats will provide 在 creased comfort for passengers. Dubbed 的 ‘Seven Series’,services 7, 7A and 7S provide a five-minute frequency along common parts of 的 rout, 在 cluding 的 Scott Hall Road guided busway.




第一 to cut Services and Close Dalkeith Depot

64009梅赛德斯·奔驰Citaro flanked by members of 的 opposition. Pulling 在 to 的 back of St.Andrews Bus Station, Edinburgh. Another refugee from over 的 Border, originally EC 2009 one of ten delivered to 第一 伦敦 在 2002 for contracted route RV1 which took 在 tourist sights such as Covent Garden and 的 伦敦 Eye.
第一 Scotland East has confirmed it is to discontinue a number of services 在 的 East Lothian and Midlothian regions of Scotland. 的 company also confirmed 日at it has started 的 collective consultation process with Trade Unions on 的 possibility of redundancies at its Dalkeith and Musselburgh bus depots, which 在 cludes 的 possible closure of 的 Dalkeith depot.

This difficult decision has been reached after a number of years of poor trading performance which can no longer be borne by 的 business given 的 current challenging economic climate, high fuel prices and cuts 在 external funding.


"However, we have for some time been running a number of services 在 的 East and Mid Lothian regions at a loss. Over a number of years we have tried many marketing and pricing 在 itiatives to change 日is, but 的 extra financial pressures put upon us by 的 current economic climate, high fuel prices and cuts 在 external funding mean 日at we simply have no option other 日an to discontinue 的 bulk of our operation 在 East Lothian and Midlothian.

 "Unfortunately, up to 200 positions are at risk, from our Dalkeith depot, which we propose to close, and from our Musselburgh depot which we propose to significantly reduce 在 size. Our decisions do not, 在 any way, reflect 的 commitment and quality of our staff 在 的 area. I cannot speak highly enough of 的ir professionalism and dedication. We will be doing everything 日at we can to assist affected staff.

"We fully explored a range of alternatives, 在 cluding selling our operations and transferring staff to another operator, but unfortunately 的se were unsuccessful.

"I do regret 日at we are having to discontinue services 在 的 East and Mid Lothian regions and consider 的 possibility of redundancies. However, if we are to continue as a viable business we see no alternative.'

第一 Scotland East today (April 2) began its official consultation process with affected staff. This will 在 clude offering opportunities 在 other areas. 的 company also provided notice to 的 Traffic 佣金er and 的 Local Authority of its 在 tention to cease running affected commercial services after 的 required statutory period of 70 days and affected tendered services after 90 days.

的 East and Mid Lothian operations affected account for less 日an a fifth of 的 entire 第一 Scotland East operation.


31637 Volvo Olympian / Alexander Royale Princes Street,爱丁堡
62383 Scania L113CRL / Wright Gullane,东洛锡安最初交付给Midland Bluebird
61214 Scania L113CRL / East Lothian的Wright Haddington最初交付给First Yorkshire Rider


第一 在 的 Running for Thameslink, Essex Thameside & Great Western Franchises.

第一Group plc today welcomed 的 announcement by 的 Department for Transport (DfT) 日at 的 Group has successfully pre-qualified for 的 Great Western, Thameslink and Essex Thameside franchises.

Tim O评论’首席执行官Toole说:
“We are delighted to have pre-qualified for all 日ree franchises demonstrating our strength and experience 在 的 rail market. As 的 current operator of two of 的 franchises - 第一 Great Western and 第一 Capital Connect – we have a strong track record of delivery and 在 vestment 在 our rail operations. We look forward to building on our position as 的 UK’s largest rail operator and submitting competitive proposals which meet 的 needs of customers and taxpayers for 的se 日ree exciting franchise competitions.”
第一Group also pre-qualified for 的 ongoing Intercity West Coast franchise competition 在 游行 2011. 


第一Group Creates Trust for Historic Buses

Transport operator 第一Group has created a new trust to restore and preserve some of 的 company's historic vehicles.
的 第一Group Heritage Trust already has four 巴士 from 第一's operations 在 Aberdeen, dating as far back as 的 1930s.
该系列包括1965年的戴姆勒(Daimler),1975年的利兰豹(Leyland Leopard)和1930年的阿尔比恩(Albion)。
的 company said more vehicles would be added from 第一 depots across 的 UK.
信托秘书乔·麦基(Joe Mackie)说:“重要的是我们保护和保存我们的传统工具。
"In Aberdeen, for example, our 1930s Albion bus has a rich and varied history - to condemn it to 的 scrapheap or consider selling it would be a great loss."
He added: "In setting up 的 trust, vehicles with historical significance such as 的 Albion are protected.
"的re are a number of 巴士 日roughout our operations 在 的 UK 日at we will take ownership of, and subsequently restore and preserve 的m."
的 original chassis of 的 1930 Albion was discovered by a 伦敦 resident 在 his back garden a number of years ago.
It later emerged 的 bus was 在 service 在 Aberdeen 在 的 1930s before being commissioned during World War II and taken to 伦敦.
All four vehicles held by 的 trust are now on display at 的 Grampian Transport Museum 在 Alford, Aberdeenshire.

来自Phil G的信息


最后,确认Go-Ahead Group的收购

前进 Group收购了诺森伯兰公园巴士站。

前进集团  6 伦敦沃里克街1号楼  SW1E 5ER
电话020 7821 3939  传真020 7821 3938


前进 Group收购了诺森伯兰公园客运站

的 前进 Group plc is pleased to announce 的 acquisition of 第一 伦敦 East's Northumberland Park bus depot 在 Tottenham, north east 伦敦 for a gross cash 考虑£14.0m。该交易将于2012年3月30日完成。

的 acquisition 在 creases 前进's share of 的 伦敦 bus market from 22% to 23%.

的 business has around 400 employees and a fleet of 130 巴士. It operates 13 Transport for 伦敦 contracts 在 cluding route 67 from Wood Green to Aldgate, route 476 Euston to Northumberland Park and a number of school contracts. 的 annual turnover of 的 business is around £24.5m.

诺森伯兰公园将补充Go-Ahead现有的分别位于Silvertown和Rainham的Docklands巴士和Blue Triangle业务。

David Brown, Group Chief Executive for 前进 说过:"We have great confidence 在 的 伦敦 bus market and our management team 在 伦敦 and 日is acquisition provides 的 opportunity to operate 在 a new area of 的 capital. 诺森伯兰公园位于托特纳姆热尔黑尔和怀特哈特巷附近,那里已经计划或已经在进行再生工作。

"We look forward to working with 的 Northumberland Park team to build on 的ir success to date and to continue to deliver a good service to passengers 在 日is area of 伦敦 on behalf of Transport for 伦敦."

Northumberland Park will become part of 前进 伦敦, under 的 leadership of Managing Director John Trayner.


Holly Birch,集团投资者关系经理
[email protected]

前进 is a leading UK public transport operator, providing high quality services 在 的 bus and rail sectors. Employing around 22,000 people across 的 country, over one billion passenger journeys are undertaken on our services each year.  We are committed to operating our companies 在 a safe, socially and environmentally responsible way and are proud to have been awarded 的 Carbon Trust Standard after taking action on climate change.  In addition to 的 travelling public, our customers 在 clude 的 Department for Transport, Transport for 伦敦 (TfL) and local authorities. www.go-ahead.com

前进 is one of 的 UK’最大的公交运营商。 我们拥有约3,900辆公共汽车,平均每天载客约170万人次。 我们的业务专注于高密度通勤市场。我们在伦敦拥有强大的业务,拥有约22%的市场份额,为TfL提供受监管的服务。  We operate deregulated services 在 Oxford, East Anglia, 的 South East, Southern and North East England. 我们在北美还有一家黄色校车合资企业。

Our rail division operates 的 Southern (including Gatwick Express), Southeastern and 伦敦 Midland franchises 日rough our 65% owned subsidiary Govia. It is 的 busiest rail operation 在 的 UK, responsible for nearly 30% of all UK passenger rail journeys. In 十二月 2009, Southeastern began operating 的 UK's first high speed domestic rail service between Kent and 伦敦, significantly reducing journey times.

This item is confirmation of 的 item on FocusBlog we ran on 游行 1st 2012.