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第一 Group has lodged 的 highest bid for 的 west coast rail franchise, making it 的 frontrunner to take over 的 prestigious 伦敦-to-Glasgow route.
的bus, rail 和 coach group is believed to have pushed incumbent 处女 Rail into second place on price with an offer that is 15 to 20% higher than 的 nearest contender.
第一Group 和 处女 had been vying for 的 contract after 的 other two shortlisted bidders, Dutch-owned Abellio 和 a bid backed by SCNF, 的 French rail group, slipped out of contention.
According to one rail industry rumour, 的 biggest bidder has offered 的 Department for Transport a premium – or excess profits – of between £6.5bn 和 £7bn over 的 14-year span of 的 contract. While that far exceeds 的 premium paid by 处女, industry observers believe £5bn would be a par bid for one of 的 most sought-after franchises on 的 British rail network.

第一Group, which has a strong reputation for cost management 和 owns three franchises including 第一 Great Western, is believed to have looked closely at 的 running costs on 的 west coast service.
Last month 的 RMT trade union, 的 最大的 rail union, warned that bidders were considering severe cuts to onboard catering to achieve higher premium payments.
虽然维珍支付£160m per year to 的 DfT, a bid of up to £70亿将需要每年大约支付£500m. 第一Group is rumoured to have considered staff cost cuts of about 20% on west coast, which could include cutting catering numbers 从 approximately 800 people to 300, or 的 service outsourced.
A hefty premium profile is also likely to draw 的 scrutiny of investors, who are paying close attention 第一Group's attempts to whittle down its £18亿债务负担。筹集计划 £100m 从bus company disposals has hit a snag after 驿马车 withdrew 从的 purchase of 第一Group's Devon bus business after 的 Office of Fair Trading raised concerns over 的 agreement. Although a small deal, it was viewed as a negative development by analysts because of 的 prospect of 的 OFT 和 Competition 佣金 intervening in every disposal.
According to City sources, 的re are also concerns among investors that 第一Group will have to launch a rights issue to reduce 的 debt, a development that may be viewed dimly if it is perceived to divert shareholder cash into lending banks rather than into 的 business.
However, 的 share price does not indicate serious concerns over 第一Group's debt with 的 stock trading at about six times earnings, whereas if 的re was genuine alarm 的 shares would be trading at two to three times earnings.
第一Group said: "We do not comment on speculation or market rumours of any kind. All decisions relating to 的 tendering of rail franchises are 的 responsibility of 的 Department for Transport."
If 处女 loses out to 第一Group, it will be 的 first time that Sir Richard Branson, co-owner of 的 business, has been out of 的 UK rail business in 15 years.
A final decision on 的 contract is expected in 八月.



Ken Jones has sent us pictures of 的 2012 Royal Blue Run



前进, one of 的 UK’s 最大的 providers of bus 和 rail travel, will play a key role in providing public transport at 的 2012 伦敦 Olympic 和 Paralympics Games.
前进’s Southeastern rail franchise is a particularly important component of 的 Olympic transport plan. An estimated 1 in 10 of all ticket holders will travel at least part of 的ir journey on a Southeastern service.
Southeastern is well prepared for 的 extra demand. It will be running 200 additional trains every single day over 的 Olympic Games period, equivalent to around 3.1 million extra seats. 的seven-minute high speed Javelin® service 从St Pancras to Stratford will transport around 25,000 people an hour to 的 Olympic Park at peak times.
Southeastern has employed around 1,000 additional staff who will be on-hand to provide assistance to spectators 和 regular customers, 和 all 3,800 Southeastern staff will be working around 的 clock to provide 的 best possible train service.
前进’s other two rail franchises Southern 和 伦敦 Midland are also increasing capacity to accommodate 的 increased demand. Southern is running additional late night services along key routes such as 伦敦 Victoria to East Croydon, Gatwick Airport 和 Brighton 和 is adding carriages to many off-peak services, providing over 300,000 extra seats. 伦敦 Midland's west-coast mainline route - serving Euston 和 Coventry (a regional Games venue) - will have more than 150,000 extra seats during 的Games, as well as later 伦敦 Euston departures helping people to return home after 的 events.
In 前进's bus division, 的 伦敦 operation has been hard at work getting ready for 的 Olympic 和 Paralympic Games, organising transport 和 providing 巴士 for officials, athletes 和 children, who will be taking part in 的 opening 和 closing ceremonies. 多于90 巴士 will be used for both events. 前进 is also providing bus services for officials, athletes 和 media for 的 sailing event in 的 Weymouth area.
前进 Group Chief Executive David Brown said: "We’re proud to be playing our part in 的 world’s greatest ever sporting event 和 are looking forward to demonstrating 的 quality of our staff 和 services. We wish 的 British Olympic 和 Paralympics teams 的 greatest success."
的Olympic Games run 从27 七月 to 12 八月, with 的 Paralympic Games taking place between 29 八月 和 9 九月.
的official ‘Get Ahead of 的 Games’ website (www.getaheadofthegames.com)包含有用的规划建议,包括预期的“hot spots” on 的 transport network. For example, people will be advised to avoid interchanging at 伦敦 Bridge station 和 to consider using other stations such as Charing Cross or Cannon Street instead.
的前进 Group
萨曼莎·霍德(Samantha Hodder),集团公司事务总监020 7821 3928
推特 (twitter.com/GoAheadGroup)。



Although described as a 伦敦 bus; this is actually a 布里斯托尔 Lodekka with an Isle of Wight registration, indicating it was 新的 Southern Vectis.

该链接由Ian Moorcroft,Phil G和Martin Arrand提出。

EYMS董事长Peter Shipp庆祝公交行业成立50周年

Peter Shipp, Chairman of East Yorkshire Motor Services is celebrating 50 years in 的 industry. 



全国快递有 今天 highlighted 的 key travel trends for 的 Olympics, including 的 most patriotic towns, busiest dates for Brits escaping to 的 airport 和 European 访客到达伦敦。
  • 布里斯托尔, 伯明翰 和 伯恩茅斯 top 的 patriotic list with 的 busiest services to 伦敦 between 27 七月 - 12 八月
  • 7月28日星期六将是人们最忙的一天 逃往英国机场
  • 国家快递的欧洲教练服务 'Eurolines' reports 的 busiest dates for people arriving into Britain 将在7月30日/ 31日比田径赛提前
  • Eurolines通过以下方式增加了进入英国的能力 每天高达45%,以应对对价值旅行的需求
全国快递有 today reported that 布里斯托尔 和 伯明翰 will boast 的 largest number of sports fans heading to 伦敦 during 的 Olympic period. 伯恩茅斯,加的夫和曼彻斯特紧随其后。 
的UK's 最大的 coach operator has analysed services across 的 UK to reveal 的 top routes 和 key travel trends during 的 world's 最大的 sporting event. National Express is currently offering one million fares 从£4 which are available during 的 Olympics. 的y are also running services direct to Olympic Park 从locations nationwide.
In contrast, 的 busiest day for people travelling to British airports to escape 的 Olympics will be Saturday 28 七月, closely followed by 的 27 和 29 七月. Eurolines reports that 的 busiest day for European visitors arriving into 伦敦 will be 30 和 31 七月. 的majority of continental coach passengers are travelling from Paris,
Amsterdam 和 Brussels 和 的 company has increased capacity by up to 45% per 应付需求的一天。
安德鲁·克莱夫斯(Andrew Cleaves),董事总经理 Director, 国民快车教练评论:“很高兴看到如此 many towns 和 cities across Britain 和 Europe getting excited about 的 Olympics by booking 的ir travel in advance. We are currently offering fares from £4 to 伦敦 throughout 七月 和 八月, so 的re's still time to secure a bargain trip to watch 的 world's biggest sporting event."
他补充说:“ 奥运期间我们的24小时控制中心 车站工作人员会工作 closely with 的 Highways Agency 和 Transport for 伦敦 to keep our coaches 在英国繁忙的道路上前进。”
欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.nationalexpress.com 和 enter your journey details or call 的 National 快速电话中心24/7于08717 818181
英国的爱国 热点-根据National Express在27到伦敦之间的高级预订 July 和 10 八月:
1.    布里斯托尔
2.    伯明翰
3.    伯恩茅斯
4.    加的夫
5.    曼彻斯特
6.    朴茨茅斯
7.    利兹
8.    切尔滕纳姆
国家快递提供 英国唯一的定期国家教练网,服务超过1,000名 destinations with 21 million passenger journeys each year across 的 UK.



An unusual story hits 的 papers 今天 about a yob that police are seeking for criminal damage to a leather bus seat in Torbay, after he was captured on cctv biting a piece out of 的 seat.




·        提供新服务和扩展服务,以提供北德文郡重要的公交线路

·        将于9月启动的改进工作,创造了一些新的就业机会

·        承诺建立在投资和高价值旅行记录上

驿马车 今天(2012年7月25日)宣布,它将在 德文郡(Devon)在9月份提供了新服务,并创造了少量 additional jobs.

的new network will provide vital bus links in North Devon 和 build on 的 company's track-record of investment 和 good value travel in 的 south-west.

驿马车雇用 大约900人,在大约120条路线上运营320多辆巴士 Devon 和 Somerset, 和 in 的 past three years has invested more than £13 million in new 巴士 for 的 region.

的new 和 expanded services will be operated out of 的 company's depot in Barnstaple, 该公司目前拥有约120名员工,并经营约50辆公共汽车。周围一个 dozen extra vehicles will be added to 的 fleet 和 驿马车 will also be 招募新司机。

从星期一24 September, 的 following enhancements will be introduced:

·        X7特快服务将在南莫尔顿之间每小时运行一次 和巴恩斯特珀普汽车站

·        X9服务将提供Bude,Holswothy,Okehampton和 埃克塞特(Exeter),服务大约每两个小时运行一次。

·        Service 21现在将在Westward Ho!,Bideford,Instow Quay, Fremington,Barnstaple,Braunton和Ilfracombe。

·        Service 21A will now operate between Appledore, Bideford, East 的 水,弗雷明顿,巴恩斯特珀和布劳顿。

的expanded 网络将为北德文郡的人们提供服务, currently under threat after 第一 announced 的 closure of its Barnstaple 仓库。驿马车将提供:

·        A 20min daytime service 从Westward Ho!, Bideford 和 Barnstaple to Ilfracombe于晚上和周日提供30分钟服务。

·        More links 从Ilfracombe to Barnstaple Rail Station, particularly during 的 evening 和 on Sundays.

·        在Northam,Bideford,Barnstaple和Braunton之间进行10分钟的服务, 30分钟的晚上和周日服务。

·        A 20min daytime service 从Westward Ho! Bideford, Barnstaple 和 Ilfracombe to Instow Quay 和 hourly during 的 evening 和 on Sundays.

·        A 20min daytime service 从Braunton, Barnstaple 和 Bideford to Appledore和新的每小时晚上和周日服务扩展到 Ilfracombe.

·        A 20min daytime service 从Ilfracombe, Barnstaple, Instow 和 Bideford 到西向河!加上每小时的晚上和周日服务。

·        A 20min daytime service 从Appledore, Bideford, East 的 Water 和 巴恩斯特珀到布劳顿和西草甸路。

蜜雪儿 西南驿马车董事总经理哈格里夫斯说:“我们有一个 long tradition of operating high quality services for people in 的 south-west of England 和 attracting people out of 的ir cars 和 on to greener, smarter bus travel.

“它一直 我们有一段时间为乘客提供更全面的网络的雄心壮志 across 的 wider Devon region to improve services 和 connections for 的 local 社区。为此,我们在三月宣布我们已达成协议 收购第一集团的北德文郡业务。这本来可以让我们 deliver a range of improvements to 的 wider bus network.

“但是,我们 决定我们无法证明进一步的管理时间和花费的理由 the acquisition following 的 decision by 的 Office of Fair Trading to refer what was a relatively small transaction to 的 Competition 佣金. Instead, 我们现在已经注册了新的商业驿马车服务,这将扩展我们的 network in 的 North Devon area 和 provide more journey options for our customers.

"的new services, which have been registered with 的 Traffic 佣金er, will start 在九月。我们期待为新路线上的当地居民提供 高质量的巴士服务和超值的票价。”



Transport for 伦敦 has denied trialling driverless trains after a union accused it of a "secret agenda" to introduce 的 technology.
的RMT union says it has an internal document outlining a plan to introduce 的 trains on 的 Jubilee Line in three years. It claims 的 trains are unsafe.
Conservatives called for 的 technology to be introduced, saying 25 cities already had driverless trains.
Tube drivers have repeatedly threatened strikes over recent years. 的current starting salary for a driver is £44,000.
RMT秘书长鲍勃·克罗(Bob Crow)表示,无人驾驶火车将“让伦敦人每天都死掉”。

He said: "的proposals seek to rip up every safety rule in 的 book - having 的 trains run by remote control 从signal boxes."
"RMT is demanding cast-iron assurances that this whole poisonous cocktail of proposals has been dumped for good 和 we will have no hesitation in taking 的 action required to stop this."
Gareth Powell, director of strategy at 伦敦 Underground, said: "Given 的 technology now available it is very unlikely that 伦敦 Underground will ever again buy a fleet of trains with conventional drivers' cabs.
"Safety will always be our top priority 和 we have made no secret that 从的 2020s new trains could operate on 的 Tube without 的 need for traditional drivers."
伦敦 Conservatives welcomed 的 idea of a network of driverless trains.
Transport spokesman Richard Tracey called Mr Crow's comments an "alarmist rant", saying: "Driverless trains are a fact in 25 cities around 的 world 和 are perfectly safe.
"的public knows it, all those folk at Canary Wharf who travel on 的 DLR daily know it, Bob Crow knows it.
We have to make 的 best use of 的 most advanced technology to run 的 Underground as efficiently as possible - 和 that means driverless technology."




第一 Devon 和 Cornwall have announced plans to discontinue its bus services in 的 North Devon area, including closure of 的 Barnstaple depot. 的company also confirmed that it has started 的 collective consultation process with trade unions on 的 possibility of redundancies.

第一s bus services in North Devon have underperformed for a number of years, despite 的 introduction of a variety of marketing 和 promotional initiatives. 的company is now faced with extra cost pressures due to 的 economic climate 和 cuts in external funding 和 routes are now being discontinued in order to ensure 的 long term sustainability of operations elsewhere.

A range of alternative options including 的 potential sale 和 transfer of employees 和 assets to 驿马车 Group plc were fully explored. That option will no longer go ahead following 的 Office of Fair Trading's announcement on 10 七月 that it was referring 的 case to 的 Competition 佣金.

Giles Fearnley, 第一Group Managing 导向器, UK Bus, said: "We understand that this news will be distressing for employees affected by 的 decision 和 that it will similarly cause our customers in 的 area some concern. We apologise 和 will be supporting affected employees over 的 coming months, as well as working with Devon County Council on 的 future of bus services in 的 area. We will give customers ample notice of 的 date that services will cease to operate in North Devon.

"We will be working hard to minimise 的 extent of redundancies, trying to redeploy people where possible. We would like to take 的 opportunity to stress that 的 decision to close 的 North Devon operation is a business driven one 和 does not reflect on 的 effort or individual performance of 的 employees in North Devon.

"We are progressing our strategy to reposition 和 rebalance our UK Bus portfolio to restore operating margins 和 help facilitate improved growth 和 returns. 的decision by 的 Office of Fair Trading to refer our proposed sale of our North Devon operations, where we had a uniquely high degree of overlap with 驿马车, was disappointing. We are confident, however, of future successful transactions in 的 coming months as a number of potential bidders exist in 的 markets where we have identified other businesses for disposal.'

第一 Devon 和 Cornwall has begun its official consultation process with affected staff. This will include offering opportunities in other areas. 的timescale for closing 的 business will be confirmed once 的 consultation with 的 affected employees has been completed.


冒着明显的风险,公平交易办公室做了很大的努力 disservice 第一北德文郡的员工以及在该地区使用公交车的乘客。驿马车愿意承担亏损的服务,但是当提案被提交给竞争委员会时便退出了。驿马车不准备投入时间和精力来处理此事,结果每个人现在都会松懈。乔布斯走了,旅客们将放弃他们的服务,这表明公平贸易办公室和这些“穿西装的破坏者”再次 the equally 误导的竞争 Commission can completely fail to appreciate basic business sense when it comes to 的 bus 行业。

Megabus for 的 Middle Classes

According to a report in 的 Telegraph, Sir Brian Souter, co founder of 驿马车, has commissioned a 52ft double-decker – believed to be one of 的 longest in 的 world – to carry passengers in luxury leather seats. By night 的 long-distance bus, which will come complete with hostess service, will have room for more than 40 fully-flat beds.

的£500,000 prototype will initially be tested in Scotland, but Sir Brian believes it could eventually fill a niche for middle- class travellers in 的 US – a market he believes has 的 potential to transform 31-year-old 驿马车. An initial investment in 10 of 的 new 巴士 could total £5m.
“可能是在Megabus上我们可以拥有Megabus Gold– it’更像是中产阶级的产品,” he said. “我们有很多模式上的转变。一世’m not saying it will take people out of first-class train travel, but it might be people who buy saver tickets on 的 train.”
Brian爵士承认Stagecoach擅长“堆高并廉价出售 ”近年来,但它一直在格拉斯哥,阿伯丁和因弗内斯之间测试服务,乘客为此支付约£单程票可再购买5张,并享受免费茶水和小吃。
Sir Brian said 的 service between Glasgow 和 Inverness is faster than rail.
A move upmarket would also represent a return to 的 company’布莱恩爵士(Sir Brian)的根源。他在1980年与姐姐安格洛格(Ann Gloag)开通了从邓迪到伦敦的巴士服务,乘客在那里得到了已故父母伊恩(Iain)和凯瑟琳(Catherine)制作的三明治。
驿马车 expects 的 prototype luxury double-decker to operate 从early 2013. It believes it will be 的 world’最长的非铰接双层巴士。
“The proposal would be to introduce 的 Scottish service initially,” he said.
Megabus was introduced in 的 US in 2006, offering fares as low as $1 (65p). It now carries 18m passengers to 80 cities across North America.
Sir Brian said although 的re are some potential opportunities in Europe, 的 West is likely to be 的 source of future growth.
驿马车告诉投资者,美国–最近花在哪里£99m buying back nine coach businesses it sold in 的 early 2000s –可以改变其业务。

焦点评论。有谁知道更多吗?如果您有任何信息 please get in touch with 的 Focus team.


Optare Excel 2 SC35005被大火烧毁

It has been reported that SC 35005 has destroyed by fire. 的10 yrs old vehicle was 七个Optare Excel 2s之一 new to 驿马车约克郡的切斯特菲尔德仓库。


如星期六所建议, most of 的 Focus team planned to travel to 的 bus rally at 的 Royal Berkshire Showground. This was an excellent day, we travelled to 的 event on 的 Chesterfield 123 group's Leyland Leopard PRA 109R. Arriving in brilliant sunshine, it was obvious that this was well laid out to enable photography of 的 attending vehicles. Services ran around 的 site perimeter allowing photographs to be taken with scenic backgrounds.

更多图片  点击这里,  这里 and 这里


Ken Jones has sent 的se pictures of vehicles in store at Aldridge



New look 伦敦 Bridge bus station unveiled in time for 的 伦敦 2012 Games 和 beyond
·         伦敦桥汽车站改造成现代,宽敞的钥匙交汇处
·         乘客将受益于公交车和火车站之间的更直接路线,更好的候车设施以及更宽敞,更少拥挤的人行道和道路布局

Following a major upgrade 伦敦 Bridge bus station is transformed 和 ready to welcome 的 millions of visitors expected in 伦敦 for this summer’s 伦敦 2012 Games, 和 improve 的 journeys of 伦敦ers for many years to come.

的 bus station has been dramatically redesigned 和 rotated 45 degrees 从its original position to enable a new row of bus stops to align with 的 Network Rail platforms. This makes 的 journey between 的 bus 和 rail station easier to navigate 和 more direct. In addition, a new road layout will reduce congestion for 巴士 和 taxis. 


It wouldn't normally be news but Chesterfield had a visit 从的 sun & luckily 的re were 2 open top 巴士 on 的 road.
泰坦NIB 5232

机队MBE 613R
关于focusflickr的更多图片  点击这里

这里's hoping that 的 sun makes an appearance for 的 event at Newbury 今天 as most of 的 Focus team are hoping to be 的re. 



东米德兰兹火车已给£46m of taxpayers' money to make 的 company profitable again.
Last year 的 train operator made a loss of £25m in six months 和 under 的 terms of it franchise agreement with 的 government was eligible for a revenue support grant.
的RMT Union said 的 pay-out was "corporate welfare".
的bail-out was revealed by 的 Department for Transport in a Freedom of Information request by 的 BBC.
``太荒谬了'' East Midlands Trains, which has been running local 和 伦敦 services in 的 region for five years, reported lower than expected passenger revenues 和 received £去年11月至6月之间为46,443,000。
的government provides subsidies to 的 rail industry to protect rail companies 从的 worst of 的ir losses.
RMT地区组织者Ken Usher说:“我们每天都会听到由于紧缩措施而进行的各种削减,很明显,这不适用于大型企业。这太荒谬了。”
的company said it 和 its sister operator South West Trains made a net contribution to UK taxpayers of more than £上一财政年度2.8亿。
An East Midlands Trains spokesperson said: "Rail franchises were let by 的 Department for Transport on 的 basis that 的 government accepted it would get high premium payments when 的 environment for rail was strong, but it agreed to provide contractual revenue support when tough conditions meant revenue growth was lower than expected.
"We have had several tough years during 的 economic downturn 和 East Midlands Trains was loss-making in 2010/11 和 during 的 first six months of 的 last financial year.

Lilian Greenwood, Labour MP for Nottingham South 和 a shadow transport minister, said: "Train operating companies across 的 country need to justify 的ir receipt of taxpayers money at a time when too many services are overcrowded 和 的 government is allowing fares to rise by up to 11%.
"的onus is now on 的 company to make sure that 的 money is spent on improving services for passengers, instead of bolstering shareholders' profits."
In its response to 的 BBC's Freedom of Information Act request, 的 Department for Transport said: "Under 的 terms of its franchise agreement with 的 Department for Transport, East Midlands Trains became eligible for revenue support on 11 十一月 2011.
"的amount of revenue support paid to East Midlands Trains up to 18 六月 2012 is £46,443,000."
It said 的 figure was calculated 和 paid to East Midlands Trains based on information received about its revenue.



史蒂文·霍奇森 has sent us pictures of an 到达 vehicle that has been painted in United livery to celebrate 的 centenary of 的 company.
的bus was displayed in Darlington yesterday in company with other ex United vehicles.

 沃尔沃B7TL 亚历山大丹尼斯ALX400 7446 NK05 GWY 

 所有图片 © Steven Hodgson



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Metrolink庆祝成立20周年–老板们透露,旧的蓝色和灰色电车将在两年内脱离轨道。该服务于1992年7月17日正式启用,自那时以来,在电车系统上进行了超过3亿的行程。今天的运输局长们纪念了周年纪念日,宣布将在2014年之前将所有剩余的旧T68电车替换为新的黄色和银色电车。他们已经开始分阶段撤离,但是已经有订购新电车来替换剩余车辆的命令现已获得大曼彻斯特联合管理局的批准。 TfGM委员会主席库恩(Andrew Fender)表示:“这一决定标志着Metrolink一章的结束和新篇章的开始。“我们的T68车辆是英国同类产品中的第一辆,并为该国同类中的第一个现代轻轨网络服务。现在是他们进入高薪退休年龄的时候了。新的庞巴迪电车为乘客和我’确保该网络的普通用户将欢迎此公告及其为他们所依赖的服务带来的好处。”
Transport leaders agreed to replace 12 of 的 32 original 电车 in 九月 last year. 的re will be 94 of 的 new 电车 on 的 network when all 的 new 电车 have been delivered. 的y are four times less likely to develop a disruptive fault than 的 old vehicles. Work is continuing on 的 ‘big bang’ Metrolink expansion, which is expected to see 的 East 曼彻斯特 Line opened to Droylsden later this year. It will be 的 country’到2016年将成为最大的有轨电车系统,届时将新建通往Ashton-under-Lyne,East Didsbury,Oldham,Rochdale,Wythenshawe和Manchester机场的线路。

阅读更多信息: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/transport/public_transport/s/1583611_happy-birthday-metrolink-old-trams-axed-as-network-turns-20


·         Bus workers will receive additional payments for working during 的 Games
·         夏季罢工不会中断巴士服务
 Transport for 伦敦 has welcomed 的 news that Unite’s membership has accepted 的 pay offer 从bus operating companies for bus workers affected by 的 伦敦 2012 Games.

的 pay deal, which has been accepted by Unite, was reached after 的 可能or secured £8.3m 从的 Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to give to 的 bus companies to help 的m settle 的 dispute. TfL has also agreed to share any additional bus fare revenue generated during 的 Games. This will be split 50:50 with bus operating companies, on 的 condition that it is passed on to bus staff, following 的 Games.

TfL’陆运公司董事总经理莱昂·丹尼尔斯(Leon Daniels)说:“We welcome 的 news that Unite’的领导层已经接受了这项薪资协议。  的pay of bus workers is, 和 will remain, a matter between 的m 和 的 private bus operating companies that employ 的m.  However in this case, as 的 capital prepares to celebrate 的 biggest festival of sport 和 culture it has ever seen, TfL 和 的 可能or sought to bring Unite 和 的 bus companies together 和 we are pleased that 的y have now resolved this dispute.”



Further pictures of 的 驿马车 loan vehicles in Newcastle, covering for those being used in 伦敦 for Olympic transport.



Confusion reigned on some of Britain's busiest commuter routes as 的 first dedicated lane for Olympic visitors opened between Heathrow 和 伦敦.
司机面对£130 fine if 的y used 的 lane on 的 M4, which is reserved for 的 exclusive use of competitors 和 VIPs attending 的 Games.
But 的 new regulations led to confusion on 的 A4 和 的 A40, where Olympic driving restrictions are yet to come into force.




多于£英格兰和威尔士90亿个促进增长的铁路升级–代表更快的旅程时间,更可靠的服务以及每天可增加14万次通勤的通行能力–交通部长贾斯汀·格林(Justine Greening)宣布了这一消息。

“更快的旅程和更多的火车容量£240m of improvements along 的 East Coast Main Line 从的 North East down through Yorkshire, Lincolnshire 和 Cambridgeshire to 伦敦.

£谢菲尔德800m电气化和升级–通过诺丁汉,德比和莱斯特– to Bedford, completing 的 full electrification of 的 Midland Main Line out of 伦敦 St Pancras; 和 electrification of 的 lines 从Nuneaton 和 Bedford to Oxford, Reading, Basingstoke 和 Southampton.

“The landmark decision to take electric rail beyond 加的夫 to Swansea, completing 的 full electrification of 的 Great Western Main Line out of 伦敦 Paddington at a total cost of more than £600m, 和 electrifying 的 Welsh Valley lines, including Ebbw Vale, Maesteg 和 的 Vale of Glamorgan.

“Completion in full of 的 “Northern Hub” cluster of rail enhancements with 的 approval of £横跨曼彻斯特市中心,曼彻斯特机场以及利物浦的322m出色的轨道和容量升级。 
“A new £500m rail link between 的 Great Western Main Line 和 Heathrow allowing direct services to 的 airport for passengers 从的 West Country, 的 Thames Valley 和 Wales.

Full details of 的 DfT announcement http://www.dft.gov.uk/news/press-releases/dft-press-20120716a/


的re have been reports of bus drivers getting lost on 的 way to 的 Olympic Village yesterday.
的opening of a special 'Olympic Lane' 今天 was meant to help athletes 和 VIPs make 的 45-minute journey 从Heathrow Airport to Stratford in effortless ease.

美国跨栏运动员凯伦·克莱门特(Kerron Clement)今天早上在推特上发表推文  left stranded in traffic for four hours when his bus driver got lost en route to 的 Olympic Village.
Also a media shuttle bus had difficulty finding its destination. 的double decker, travelling 从 Russell Square to 的 Olympic Park in Stratford, pulled over 30 minutes into its journey.
的driver said: 'Sorry about this'. He 的n got out a map, before performing a U-turn 和 quickly getting back on 的 correct route.

At a briefing in Westminster 今天, Transport for 伦敦 commissioner Peter Hendy insisted arrivals for 的 Games were 'running smoothly', 和 expressed surprise about reports an athletes' bus got lost.
He said: 'If 的 drivers got lost it says nothing about 的 readiness of 的 city. I am very surprised to hear it took four hours. 的y'd be in Southend, never mind Stratford.'
And 伦敦 mayor Boris Johnson joked: 'If 的y took four hours 的n 的y will have seen far more of 的 city than 的y might otherwise have done.'



第一Group has emerged as a frontrunner for 的 multibillion-pound west coast rail franchise alongside incumbent 处女 Trains, with 的 contest now a two-horse race between 的 experienced operators.
位于阿伯丁的FirstGroup仍在与Virgin竞争,尽管去年宣布它将提前三年将其Great Western铁路合同交还,避免了超过£800m in payments to 的 government.
的 Department for Transport is expected to bank a considerable windfall 从的 new 14-year west coast contract, with 处女 currently paying an annual premium of about £150m to 的 state. Both bidders are expected to promise an even bigger number over 的 life of 的 new franchise. 的winner is expected to be announced next month.
It is understood that 第一Group 和 处女 are still in talks with 的 DfT, but two foreign-owned bidders on 的 four-strong shortlist are no longer considered likely contenders. 的y are a joint venture between public transport operator Keolis 和 SNCF, 的 French state rail group, 和 a bid 从Abellio, which is controlled by 的 Dutch national rail operator.
SNCF had been hoping to use west coast as a bridgehead into 的 UK rail market but is now expected to focus on 的 prestigious, if perennially 从伦敦到爱丁堡的麻烦不断的东海岸特许经营商。
According to one rumour circulating within 的 rail industry, 的 SNCF bid considered using extended Pendolino trains that would be longer than station platforms in some cases. This would require passengers to shuffle down 的 train in order to alight at certain stops – a process known as selective opening. It is not known, however, whether selective opening formed a serious part of SNCF's pitch for 的 route.
的 west coast route, which runs 从London to Glasgow via 伯明翰 和 曼彻斯特, is already undergoing an expansion. By 的 end of 的 处女 contract in 十二月, it will have 35 trains made up of 11 Pendolino carriages, with a further 17 trains made up of nine carriages.
的 franchise carried 30 million passengers last year 和 的 contest between 第一Group 和 处女 is thought to be close. Industry sources expect 第一Group to offer a slightly higher premium number, based on its strong record on cost management, while 处女 is expected to emphasise passenger growth 和 service.
Both contenders have reportedly considered tough cost-cutting measures. According to 的 RMT trade union, some bidders have been mulling changes to onboard services, which could see 的 removal of catering 和 onboard shops, threatening up to 800 jobs, although 处女 被认为正在考虑不太严重的变化。
RMT general secretary, Bob Crow, said: "It is disgraceful that bidders for 的 prestige west coast route are looking at ripping out catering 和 shop facilities to cram in extra seats so that 的y can jack up profits at 的 price of both jobs 和 passenger service, 和 we are calling for this scandalous suggestion to be killed off right now."
第一Group's chances have not been endangered by its early exit 从的 Great Western franchise, which runs 从London Paddington to Wales, 的 West Country 和 的 Thames Valley. 的group had arranged a clause in 的 £1.1bn contract that allowed it to walk away three years ahead of schedule, ensuring it could end 的 franchise early without legal redress.
If it wins 的 west coast franchise, 第一Group could become a dominant player in 的 UK rail 行业。 It already operates 的 第一 Capital Connect, Scotrail 和 第一 TransPennine franchises 和 is shortlisted for 的 Thameslink 和 Essex Thameside franchises, as well as 的 successor to 的 Great Western contract that it is relinquishing. The DfT, mindful of 的 plight of 的 east coast franchise, after National Express reneged on a £1.4bn contract, is understood to be seeking beefed-up insurance policies 从west coast bidders. This could include a large "performance bond" that will be paid out if 的re is a default.
Another possibility is a cross-default clause, which would see an operator forced to hand over other rail contracts if 的ir franchise goes sour.  Virgin Rail Group is co-owned by 驿马车, 的 public transport operator, 和 Sir Richard Branson's 处女 empire.


Paris commuter trains have been given a makeover using graphics 从的 palace of Versailles.

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